Arnold Schönberg melodrama “Pierrot lunaire” (moon pierott)

The premiere of melodrama “Pierrot Lunaire” by A. Schönberg in Philharmonia of Vilnius, Lithuania

Instrumental ensemble
conductor                                               Robertas Šervenikas

singing language                                       Skaidra Jančaitė

flute                                                        Algimantas Treikauskas
klarnetai                                                         Algirdas Budrys
violin, alto                                   Artūras Šilalė, Ilona Klusaitė (altas)
cello                                                                Dainius Palšauskas
piano                                                              Sergejus Okruško
actress                                                       Birutė Marcinkevičiūtė  (Klaipėda Concert Hall)

V. B. Omni Laikas/Kultūra (Time/Culture) 2003.12.22

After a few minutes of settling down, thanks to the great performance of musicians and conductor, it became quite interesting to follow a musical event consisting of 21 independent pieces. Skaidra Jančaitė surprised us with her singing abilities and the wide vocal range. She managed to harmonize melodeclamation and singing naturally. She’s found interesting ways to interconnect diverse voices going from loud to open forte and subtle piano, from wheezy to grotesque roar and quarks. In addition to Jančaite’s intersting singing, her stage appearance which emphasized the uncompromisingly expressive character of a music, was completely appropriate. The singer was wearing a white dress and long black jacket with the red and white lining inside, and a narrow ribbon of a blood color on the neck. The same color wooden plug withstood a strict like a topknot of Dutch doll hairstyle. The costume was not only impressive – it was also active.

Tomas Kniukšta “Naujovių netrūko”, “7md” 2005 november

“… Two of the most contrastive concerts include the performance of the singer Skaidra Jančaitė and the composer Vytautas V. Jurgutis’ multimedia project” Neogard-club-electronic. “S. Jančaitė performed the cycle “Pierot lunaire” of the pioneer of the dodecaphony Arnold Schönberg, works by Zita Bružaitė, Loreta Narvilaitė, Albertas Roussel and has demonstrated not only special vocal but also exceptional acting talents, as well as composer and discourse VV Jurgutis, especially interested in Klaipėda student and schoolchildren, showed wide possibilities of electronic music … ”


“Fest Permainų muzika” R. Čeliauskaitė


DURYS “Skambančios permainos” Danguolė Vilidaitė

“… Like the promise of the festival, the singer Skaidra Jančaitė appeared very exciting … Well, almost perfectly performed an extremely complicated program brought up by the classical contemporary music called Arnold Schönberg’s  “Pierot lunaire”                                                                    … S. Jančaitė is not only a great vocal master but also a good actress capable of performing – highlighting various literary skills … In Lithuania at this moment, we probably will not find another singer who interprets so well contemporary music … ”

XXI a D. Kulvietienė

“…The music expert is still admired by S. Jančaitė’s theatrical performance of Arnold Schönberg surrealistic musical drama “Pierot lunaire”, and the vocalist already gives the fans a different piece of complex performance – F. Pulenc “Human Voice”. S. Jančaitė has previously performed vocal cycles of the same composer, “The Work of the Writer” and “The Village Tracks”.

XXI a D. Kulvietienė


“… Skaidra Jančaitė, a rising Lithuanian solo singing star, will appear twice in the festival. For the first time on the first day of the festival, with his solo project, the second time – together with the lead ensemble of Robert Šervenikas (composed of S. Okruško, I.Klusaitė, R.Vytas, D.Palšauskas, D.Gedvilas, A..Budrys). Ramūnas Jaras, the organizer of the festival, says that the piece the ensemble is preparing to perform (A. Schönberg “Pierot lunaire”) is extremely difficult and here the listener will be able to hear a really high level of virtuosity … ”

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