Skaidra CV


 CREATIVE ACTIVITIES AND DESCRIPTION OF LIVING            Extensive creative horizons thanks to the singer successfully performs a variety of eras and styles of music – from Lithuanian folk songs and classical legacy to the twentieth century masterpieces and avant-garde projects. Buthe stylistic performances of new works with dance troupes, created its own mystery, solo program at the main artist’s creative employment.     Her artistic nature particular affinity for contemporary music, expressiveness, attracted by the opportunity to discover its new interpretations horizons. It is the first time Lithuania was not done by one of the world vocal music masterpiece (A. Schonberg cycle “Moon Pierre, O. Messiaen ” Poems for MI ” F.Poulanc monooperą ” human voice ”, P. Hindemith” In Mary’s life ” etc.

    Explicitly interested in painting, photography, dance, literature, theater, the arts experience singer organically linked with music, consistently walked distinctive modern syncretism way.

Over twenty years of teaching practice. Seventeen years in high music school, music education workshops for children and adults. Theatre Summer Camps.

Skaidra Jančaitė 2002, the Lithuanian Academy of Music acquired a master’s degree professor. V. Noreikos and J. Grickienės solo singing class, improved his vocal foreign specialists. It also has a long-term teaching practice in Lithuania, sharing their sukurtom technologijom Latvia, Thailand, France, India, the US, Norway.


High lyric soprano stronger; Size: Small E – 3 octaves D
Classical vocal studies with Prof. Virgilijus Noreika, Assoc. Prof J. Grickienė,
B. Bagdonavičius (Lithuania)
Master classes: A. Orlowitz (Denmark), Th Grubbe (France), J. Loibl (Austria), A. Schlegel (Deuschtland)
Piano – Organ – Tampura – Violin
Butoh Dance – Modern; Dance – Argentine Tango



2001 – 2002 Master’s degree, qualification: Artist, at the Lithuanian Music Academy in Vilnius

1990 – 1995 Bachelor solo singing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music in Vilnius (Lithuania)

1984 – 1987 Diploma choirmaster at the Lithuanian J. Gruodis Conservatoire in Kaunas (Lithuania)

Initial and continuing education

Chorus master Donatas Jakubonis, Lilia Turūtaitė, Irena Gražulytė; Lithuania (1984-88)

Instruments Dan Co lessons by Lai Ngo (Viet Nam), Tampura lessons by Awantika Dubey, India (2009), Piano lessons with A. Didžiulytė, A. Jankauskienė (1984-95), Organ lessons at Gediminas Kviklys (1991-95), Violin with A. Krevniavičius (1979-1982)

Dance  Butoh Dance with Ken May Simona Orinska, Latvia (2006-2014)

Modern Dance with Birutė Letukaitė, Kaunas (2009-2011)

Argentine Tango at Eduardo Gimenez, Vilnius (2001-2008)

Theater“Academie de’ete” in theater “L’arc-en-Ciel”, France (2011, 2015)

Photography Andrew Miksys, USA (2001 – 03)

2016 Transforming conference for practitioners and medical students,
2015 Public Actions “I See You”, “Travel in the Musicland” leader R. Kašubienė (Denmark)
2014-2015 ,, Create together “8 programs for children (10 months – 3 years) and their parents; “I sound” 8 programs for women, artthaus KMN (Lithuania)
2014-2015 advisor for school teachers; Director of feasts programs, Lithuanian Saturday school “Sunny Beach” (Florida)
2014 “Les art et handicap” (Arts & disability), a two-week project for people with disabilities in day center Les enfant Kervihan (France)
2013-2014 “To provide the courage to” “Look else on the world of work”, “My inner reality” leader St. Ignatius College Nida, Kaunas (Lithuania)

2013-2016 “Feminine Liberation” workshop for girls and women (Lithuania, Norway, Florida, Illinois, Ukraine)

2012 commission President of the “Romantic Song” competition, (Lithuania)

2011-2012 lectures “Stage preparation”, “Stage language” by the self-developed methodology, J.Naujalis Music Gymnasium (Lithuania)

2011 Pažink save ir artimą – “Know thyself and thy neighbor”, Atsivėrimas sau ir artimui “Open yourself and your neighbor” lectures and practice for pupils, students, teachers

2010-2016 “Sound Movement”, “Vois & Body”, “Sound Yoga”, “The divine in your voice” master classes for professionals (Lithuania, Malaizia, tayland, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Denmark)

2010-2015 “A trip in your future” Coaching youth camp,

2010-2012 teacher of singing and vocal training in the music studio “KurKuria”

2010 Talk “Creation of creative sounds”, “Rear and on the external”, “My inner clown” seminars “Emotion Skala

2008-2016 youth theater camp “I create then A am” (KVE) in Modžiūnai; Performances: “Hats Journey,” “The Country Life”, “Eglė the Queen of Serpents”, ,, Noah’s Ark “,” Joan of Arc “

2007-2015 Musical journey with dragon production “Baltic chords”, “How smells, sounds the Christmas tree?”

Preparation of students and apprentices, Ensemble “Pasaka” design contests “Song for the city”, “Song of Songs”, “Dewdrop”, “Rainbow”, “Music of the autumn colors”

2005 Public Action “exhibition of drawings in Baltasis skersgatvis” with songs, dances and games, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2002-2003 Illustrator, M. K. Čiurlionis Art School Vilnius (Lithuania)

2001-2002 teacher of singing and voice training, choir school “Liepaites”

1998-1911 concertmaster J. Naujalis Musikgymnasium

2002-2013 teacher of singing and vocal training, J. Naujalis

2001-2013 “Christmas spirit” musical journey for children and adolescents

1991-2003 Artist in Concertmaster Cathedral LTMA

1989-1992 Organist in various churches in Lithuania, choral conducting in churches in Upninkai, Bukonys, Panevėžiukas, Labūnava, Babtai for mixed and children’s choirs




Pieces / Performance / Cinema / Theater


Place / Stage

Direction / Management




Baltā nakts. Dejas arhetips 08/09

Baltic Folklore for Peace


deju performances vienlaikus IDEAGNOSIS izrādē “Saudade”

Ensemble “Skaidrumos” The geographical center of Europe (Lithuania)

Directing by Simona Orinska

Directing Skaidra Jančaitė


Mysterium „Schmetterlingsbefreiung“


Stephanus Church (Berlin)Lithuanian center in Bergen; Latvian center in Petersburg Florida; M.K.Ciurlionis Museum (Lithuania)

Musikc, Directing Skaidra Jančaitė & Sergey Karamyshev(Berlin)


”Kaip anksčiaus taip ir dabar” extract from Donelaitis ”Year”)


Litauische Zentrum in Bergen; Lettische-Zentrum in St. Petersburg, Florida; M.K.Ciurlionis Museum (Lithuania)

Directing Skaidra Jančaitė


“The fusion”; “Birds between the vertical”; “Transition”; “Mandala Creation”


Art Center in Aarhus, Copenhagen (Denmark); UMI Užupis (Lithuania)

Directing, Choreography Skaidra Jančaitė, Video Marius Abramavičius (Lithuania)


King Mindaugas. The birth of the State

Queen Morta

Kiew Arsenal (Ukraine)

Directing Modris Tenisons (Latvia)


The Serpent Bride“

The bride

(Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia)

Filmmakers Fiodor Aleksandrovich, Artem Ryzchikow(Ukraine)


„From the past“ excerpts of Maironis poetry


Kiev University (Ukraine)

Directing, Choreography Skaidra Jančaitė




Modern dance theater Aura in Kaunas (Lituanie, Italy)

Choreography Birutė Letukaitė (Litauen)




Butoh Fest. (Malaysia, Tailand)

Directing Modris Tenisons (Latvia)


„Birds – Pilgrims

Bird – Girl

Maiden Tower Baku (Azerbaijan)

Choreography, vois improvisation Skaidra, composer Vytautas Germanavičius


„ Center of Power“

Witch of Portobello

Dance Fest. Baltijos sokis Vilnius; Kaunas; Jonava (Litauen)

Choreography Skaidra Jančaitė


„Beatboxer in Lithuania“

Street dancer

„Moderne Tanzteater Aura“ in Kaunas Drama-Theater (Lituanie

Choreography Birutė Letukaitė (Litauen)




Theater Artele, UMI Vilnius, Kaune (Litauen)

Directing Skaidra Jančaitė


Flowers wisper


Kotryna Kirche (Art Halle) in Vilnius (Litauen)

Regie, Choreographie Skaidra Jančaitė


„Meditation des Wassers“


Skulptur Springbrunnen

Tiflis (Georgien); Kopenhagen (Dänemark)

Choreography, Musik Skaidra Jančaitė

„Holy night dancing“


Museum of Modern funny art; Riga (Latvia); Paderborn Drama-Theater (Germany)

Directing Modris Tenisons (Latvia)



„Das Gebet“, „Die verbotene gefährliche Kunst“


Hallen in (Litauen, Polen, Frankreich, Amerika)

Choreography, Music, Photography Skaidra Jančaitė


„Date of creation“


Vilnius Rathaus, mit 300 internationalen Künstler (Litauen)

Management, choreography, music, photography Skaidra Jančaitė

Eyes fluttering in my knees”


Romuva – Theater in Vilnius (Litauen),

Directing Modris Tenisons (Latvia)

I. Stravinsky Opera “Mavra”


Russian Drama Theater in Vilnius (Litauen)

Directing Paul Budraitis, Eglė Mikelevičiūtė

F. Poulanc „Human voce“


Lithuanian art Museum Vilnius, Kaunas Aula (Litauen)

Directing, Choreography Skaidra Jančaitė




Lithuania (1983-2019), Vietnam (2018-2019), Germany (2002, 10, 11, 16), France (2003 – 2019), United States – New York, Washington, Georgia, Florida, California, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland State (2003, 2005-07, 09, 13-15, 18), Denmark (1997, 2012-15), Norway (2012-16), Azerbaijan (2011), Armenia (2011), Malaysia (2011), Thailand (2011), Ukraine (2010-18), Georgia (2008), Sweden (2008, 13), Scotland (2008), India (2009), Poland (2006, 07), Belarus (2006, 08) , Hungary (2005) Slovenia (2005), Austria (1996, 2008), Switzerland (2003), Canada (2003, 04), Latvia (2001, 03, 07-14, 18), Russia (2000, 02)



2010 “Between Here and There” Mysterium Tremendum, directing Don Conreaux (USA)

“God-Object / Live” ensemble ” Concrete Bunnies ”

2009 “Ancient Songs” by Antanas Jasenka

“parasites” of Anton Kučinskas

2008 “Sonnets” by Zita Bružaitė

“Boarding Pass” by A. Jasenka, Live In Young Music” Festival

2007 ‘Bičiulystė” dedication to M.K.Čiurlionis

2004 opera “Old bony man on the Iron Mountain” by B. Kutavičius

2001 “Skaidra Jančaitė” published by LMAIC



2011 “Fortuna” for the role of Medea, developing and implementing the role in the play “Medeas”

2005 Special Prize of the competition “That’s what we have the most beautiful”, org. of Foreign Affairs, Lithuania

2002 Lithuania Presidential Award, Preisverlei to join NATO. Recognition of personal contribution to the development of Lithuanian culture.