Modris Tenisons “The Sacred Dances of the Night”


2010 Performance of Buto “The Sacred Dances of the Night” ‘ten performances, “Fun Art Museum” Riga

(Latvia production)


Directed by                                                         Modris Tenisons
butoh dance, project idea                               Simona Orinska
performance & sound artists             Artis Gulbis, Skaidra Jančaite
video artist                                                             Gita Straustiņa
musicians                                                    Ilga Reizniece and Jānis Pauls
                                                                                       Butoh Studio
artists                                                       Ērika Māldere and Aigars Lenkēvičs
Japan, co-author, consultant of performance   Ken Mai
The performance is based on haiku by Japanese poet Kikaku Takarai: „The Sacred Dances of the Night / White is Them Breath / Behind the Masks”. The performance is as a result of artistic and theoretical researches of butoh, nature, strong visuality, and body mind interaction. Performance’s inspiration came from human transformation into nature’s materials which is close to animistic thinking and accent our deep links with the Nature. Everything is alive in the Nature – from born to death. Butoh – time between breath in and breath out.



Participation in the international festivals:
2011 “High Fest” (Yerevan, Armenia)



2010 European Culture’s Theatre festival (Padeborn, Germany)